Build Your Own Custom Body Jewelry

Have you ever wanted to build your own custom body jewelry online? Well now you can, right here at Hindged! We offer custom septum rings, custom belly button rings, custom nose studs, and custom labret jewelry, so that you can make your own one of a kind piece today to fit your own body piercing. Choose from any one of our beautiful designs, pick a shaft that you like, the top and bottom pieces, and the right size for your piercing and we’ll get started on the process of expertly hand making the jewelry as soon as we can. All body piercing jewelry is made from genuine 14K gold and comes with no gold fillers, no gold plating, and no hollow beads. All pieces are internally threaded with 14K gold and is backed by our 6 month craftsmanship guarantee for a special piece of body jewelry that will last you a lifetime! To create your own design, visit this page.

Custom Septum Rings Custom Navel Rings
custom septum rings - Hindged custom navel rings - Hindged
Custom Nose Studs Custom Labret Jewelry
custom nose studs - Hindged custom labret jewelry - Hindged