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Our collection of the very basics includes barbells, beads, and threaded ends, so you can customize your own body jewelry with some added bling. Pick your choice of either 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold, whether you’d like a unique gemstone for your bead or threaded end, and the size that’s right for you. All of our products features no gold fillers, no gold plating, and no hollow beads. We’re sure you’ll leave satisfied backed by our 6 month craftsmanship guarantee and our 30 day money back guarantee.

Basic Captive Bead Ring
Circular Barbell
Basic Curved Barbell

14K Gold Curved Barbell



Basic Ring

14K Gold Ring



Basic Seamless Ring
Basic Straight Barbell
Threaded Bead
Threaded Bezel
Threaded Buttercup
Threaded Cluster Bead
Threaded Disc
Threaded Flower