Types of Body Piercings

Wondering what the different types of body piercings are? Interested in getting one yourself? Well today we’ll explain all of them, right from the top of your head all the way down to the bottom of your toes. But before we explain the individual types of body piercings, it’s important to know the different categories of piercings. There are ear piercings, facial piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings, oral piercings, and body & surface piercings. You can probably guess what they are already, but if not that’s okay, we’ll explain everything you need to know here.

The Different Types of Body Piercings

Body piercings have always been around, and the preferences for body piercings are always fluctuating, with some people favoring one type of piercing over another for their appearance. Some are considered more tolerable than others, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what kind of piercing you like and what it signifies to you. So let’s walk through all the different types of body piercings you can get.

Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are the types of body piercings that involve any part of the lip or around the lip to be pierced. Common lip piercings include the Labret, Monroe, snake bites, and spider bites, although there’s a few more that we’ll talk about below.

  • Labret – Located below the lower lip and centered, rings or studs are typically used
  • Lowbret – Below the lips further down towards the chin on either the left or right side
  • Madonna –  Right hand side just above the lip
  • Monroe – Left hand side just above the lip to resemble Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark
  • Medusa – Opposite of a Labret, located right above the upper lip and centered
  • Jestrum – A lip ring that extends above the upper lip like a Medusa but also below
  • Snake Bites – Two piercings on either side of the bottom lip
  • Spider Bite – Two piercings close together on either the left or the right side of bottom lip

Facial Piercings

Facial piercings are the types of body piercings that have any part of the face pierced besides the ear, nose, and lips.

  • Cheek – Located on the cheek, although how high or how low you want it is up to you
  • Chin – Located on the bottom of the chin
  • Dimple – Piercings where a typical dimple would be
  • Anti-Eyebrow – Opposite side of the eyebrow, slightly underneath the eyes
  • Horizontal EyebrowHorizontal piercing on the eyebrow
  • Vertical EyebrowVertical piercing on the eyebrow

Nose Piercings

Nose piercings, as you can guess, involve the nose being pierced. Really popular options include the septum and nostril.

  • Earl / Bridge – On the upper part of the nose between the eyes
  • Septum  – On the bridge of your inner nose that separates the left nostril from the right
  • Vertical Nose Tip – Also called a rhino piercing, between nostrils and up through the tip
  • Nostril – Located on one side of the nostril, either left or right
  • High Nostril – Located on one side of the nostril a little higher than normal, either left or right
  • Nasallang – A piercing that goes horizontally through both nostrils

Ear Piercings

Everyone has heard of ear piercings and they are probably the most common piercings that people get, but did you know that there are a ton of additional options besides the ear lobe? In fact, almost every part of the ear can be pierced, all with sexy terminology as well.

  • Tragus – A piercing of the tragus, which is immediately in front of the ear canal
  • Anti Tragus – Piercing on the cartilage opposite of the tragus
  • Transversal Lobe – Goes through both sides of the lobe
  • Ear Lobe – A standard ear piercing on the lobe
  • Upper Lobe Higher up on the lobe near the anti tragus
  • Helix Piercing of the upper ear cartilage
  • Forward Helix Opposite side of the helix
  • Inner Conch –  Located at the center of the ear in the cup shaped area next to the ear canal
  • Outer Conch – Located in the flat portion of the ear below the helix
  • Industrial /Scaffold – Goes through both sides of the upper ear in the helix portion
  • Rook – Piercing of the anti helix, above the tragus
  • Daith – The innermost cartilage of the helix, just above the tragus
  • Snug Piercing of the anti helix, next to the tragus
  • Orbital – Mostly located on the outer rim, where two piercings are made

Oral Piercings

Oral piercings involve the piercing of any part that is inside of the mouth. Tongue piercings are the most popular form of oral piercings.

  • TongueTypically refers to a piercing that goes through the tongue
  • Frowny – Located on the lower frenulum of the bottom gums
  • Smiley – Located on the upper frenulum of the upper gums
  • Venom – Side by side off center piercings near the front of the tongue
  • Web – Piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue
  • Uvula – Piercing through the uvula in the back of the throat

Body & Surface Piercings

Body and surface piercings are the types of body piercings that have any part of the body pierced besides the nose, mouth, lips. ear, and face. Surface piercings refer to the piercing of any surface that isn’t concave or convex, so a flap of the skin must be pierced.

  • Sternum – Located centered between the cleavage
  • Collar – Located on collar bone below the shoulders
  • NavelAlso known as belly button piercings, which you probably already know
  • Nape – Located on the back of the neck
  • Neck / Vampire Bite – Piercings on the side of the neck
  • Madison – Front and middle of the neck, below the throat