Hindged – Custom Gold Body Jewelry

Hindged is a custom gold manufacturing company that designs and produces body jewelry. The company has been involved in the gold body jewelry industry since 1998. We are well versed in the jewelry business – from design, wax, casting, soldering, setting, and then polishing. With our talented staff of designers, jewelers, setters, and polishers, we help the customer create a meaningful piece that they can enjoy for a lifetime!

The Difference In Our Body Jewelry Is Visible

What makes us different? Hindged prides itself on great craftsmanship and quality! We handcraft every item individually in the USA. We use the best materials and processes for every piece!

Hindged is a uniquely developed company, focusing all of our resources on creating innovations that make our jewelry one of a kind. Our company gets a lot of our inspiration from our friends and family in the tattoo industry. “One’s own expressions, thoughts, and creativity is not known until we can wear it!” Our company prides itself on making amazingly intricate pieces for our customer!

Thanks for all the support!