What Is My Ring Size?

What Is My Ring Size?

Ever wondered “What is my ring size?” Well guess no longer! In order to find the right ring that fits your finger like Cinderella’s glass slipper, you’ll need to take some precise measurements first. You’ll also need to know the standard for your own country. Just like shoes are sized differently with various scales, so are rings. There’s a different unit of measurement for each of the following:

  • United States/Canada
  • Ireland or the UK/Australia
  • India, Japan, or China
  • Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, or Scandinavia
  • Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, or Switzerland

The United States and Canada measures ring sizes using a numerical scale, with increments of quarter and half sizes. Full size increases are a full .032 of an inch in diameter, which is around a tenth of an inch. In Ireland, the UK, or Australia, ring sizes are measured using an alphabetical scale, with each increase a half size. India, Japan, and China uses a numerical scale like the US and Canada does, although there are only whole size increases instead of half size increases too. Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavia uses millimeters for their standard of measurement, with half size increases also being used. Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands rely on a system of measurement that specifies the circumference minus a full 40 millimeters. For example, if you find a ring in Spain that’s marked a 10, in reality the circumference of the ring is a full 50 millimeters. You can find out “what is my ring size” with this ring size converter below, provided by Jewelry Kind.

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