Why Buy Gold Body Jewelry?

A high percentage of people are allergic to nickel, as it is simply not a people friendly metal. Most people aren’t aware, but the so called “surgical stainless steel” has 10 – 15% nickel content. Therefore, a lot of people turn to gold body jewelry for quick healing and relief when their piercing is not healing right with the steel stuff. The gold we use is nickel-free, which means there is no nickel. We firmly believe that the best thing for anyone thinking about getting body piercings is to use gold body jewelry. It is an investment in your health, your beauty, and your future.

Piercing your body may not seem that big of a deal, but proper care is needed. Using the right metal will help with the healing. You may think that your piercer knows what is best for you, but it is important to educate yourself before making the decision of getting pierced. All metals that are used in body piercings should and must be biologically inert. This means that they should be compatible and non-reactive to the body.

GOLD is the safest metal to use for piercings – 18K gold is the ideal choice. 14K gold has the risk of being alloyed with other low grade metals that you may be allergic to. Always make sure your jewelry is made of 14K gold (NICKEL FREE)!  Some individuals may have allergies to nickel and not know, which is why it is always recommended that 14k gold body jewelry that is being put into one’s skin be made without nickel.

Other metals that are safe to use are Surgical Stainless Steel (Implant Grade), which is a low grade of steel that is often used for knee and hip replacement surgery. Surgical Titanium (Implant Grade) is ideal for short-term use. Niobium is an element, not a metal alloy, therefore, it is easily accepted by the body. PVD (Aztec Gold) is a good substitute for gold if your body is sensitive to metals. Tygon is a special type of plastic and works best for those allergic to metal. It is more flexible and will bend for more active or growing bodies.

Why Does Body Jewelry Vary in Price?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that all gold body jewelry is the same.  This however is not true. Body jewelry is made using a wide variety of procedures and materials.  Our gold body jewelry is handmade in the U.S. Our handcrafting process begins from a wax stage to the finished products.

Another misconception is that all beads are solid, meaning they are dye-struck full gold beads. In reality a 5/32 bead can be hollow. Solid gold beads are a lot heavier than your hollow beads, thus costing more to produce.  The advantage of this solid bead, however, is that you end up with a piece that will never dent or collapse when you drop it, which can save you money in the long run.


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