Look after newly pierced ears

Pierced ears are very common; eventually almost every woman and many men will have their ears pierced. Of all the different body piercings, perhaps ear piercing rings are the most common and widely done. Piercings are often carried out in studios which focus on various piercings as well as body art; ear piercing can also be done in many jewelry stores. Regardless of where the piercing takes place, the key to success is caring for the freshly pierced ear.

Ears that have just been pierced can quickly become infected if the area is not kept clean. The recommended method is to soak a cotton ball or swab in hydrogen peroxide and twice a day; morning and evening, clean both sides of the ear where the piercing took place. If you notice that the area begins to show a bit of redness or it starts to itch, these are indications of infection and an application of an antibiotic ointment is called for; this should be applied at least three times a day until the redness and itch disappear.

Although there are many different types of ear piercings rings, most people use starter ear rings which in most cases are studs. To prevent any infections or an allergic reaction make sure that you buy the best pierced earrings, stay away from the inexpensive pieces as they contain metals which will cause an allergic reaction.

There are two accepted methods for piercing the ears; a piercing gun and a needle. The gun is thought to be quicker and neater and is often used in jewelry stores. When you have your piercings done in a studio, the technician will use a special needle. Both methods are acceptable, make sure that the equipment is sterilized and that the operator is trained to perform the piercing properly.

Stud type earrings are favored for a fresh piercing as they can easily be rotated in the ear. This is very important to healing. The studs should be turned five or six times a day in each direction, just the same as if you were winding a watch. After about three weeks the starter earrings can be taken out and the area thoroughly cleaned of any residue from the healing process. Carefully replace the studs for another three weeks; cleaning and turning as before. After a further three weeks you can start using any ear piercing rings that you want.