What We Use

Only Pure 14 Karat Gold:

For all our pieces, we use nothing but all real gold compounds, no gold fillers, and no gold plating. Shafts and beads are made with 100% real 14K white or yellow gold.  No hollow beads.

Palladium Based White Gold:

Completely FREE of nickel, cadmium, lead, bismuth, mercury, and other toxic or radioactive metals.

The approximate composition of Palladium is :
PD1 :       9.0% ZINC,   21.0% PALLADIUM,   65.0% SILVER,   5.0% COPPER


All threaded ends, tops, and threaded bottoms are made with 14k gold threading.  Every part of these pieces are made with all 14k gold material, there are NO substitutes and NO other materials that are used to create our body jewelry pieces.

***Every piece is INTERNALLY Threaded for 1.2 and or 16 gauge threading,  We DO NOT offer Externally Threaded pieces.***



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