Short guide to navel piercing rings

There is little doubt that a pierced belly button is downright sexy, but as sexy as it may be, navel piercing rings can also be a problem. If you are contemplating having your navel pierced, you may want to consider a few things first.

Consider your;

Activities and your lifestyle:

If you are a person who engages in strenuous sporting activities you will find that your navel fills with perspiration, this must be eliminated immediately. If the sport you are engaged in requires that you twist, turn and bend a lot you will find that any open wound in the navel area will be difficult to heal.


Any clothing that cuts across the midsection will rub the navel area; this will cause considerable irritation if you wear navel piercing rings.


There is nothing written that overweight people cannot have a navel piercing, however, their skin and excess fat will usually cover the navel when in a sitting position. This suffocates the area, building up perspiration which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow.


Having a navel piercing takes dedication to cleanliness and personal hygiene. Twice a day it will be necessary to clean out the navel and subject it to a ten minute bath in sea salt. If this does not sound like something you want to do or can do, then it may be a mistake for you to have your navel pierced. Any piercing, regardless of where it is means that a great deal of care must be taken at the area. The navel is even more critical than other areas because of the sweat factor and any small abrasion or cut can become infected before you know it. During the first four or five months of having the piercing done you must remain on guard and be very diligent in your personal hygiene.

If you do get an infection in the navel it can be tricky to heal and to heal quickly. The navel as a matter of course is an ideal spot for the collection of moisture and dirt and the environment is often dark due to clothing cover. Trying not to stretch and bend is easier said than done. The best navel piercing rings are banana shaped barbells of 14 gauge or larger. Smaller gauge bars can lead to migration and an enlarging of the hole.