Styles of Piercing Jewelry and their Purpose

Of all the types of piercing that a person can do to their bodies we are more likely to be familiar with the more common piercings, such as the ears and the nose. However, aside from those two favorites, there are a whole bunch of other piercings that can be done on the body and many of them are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Much of the time, piercings fads follow the fashion of the times. For example, in the mid 1970’s the Punk generation created its own subculture, which called for people to use safety pins through their skin and they put them in their ears, their eye brows, their noses and anywhere else they felt it would look more radical, dangerous and threatening. The funny thing about Punks was that they looked extremely scary, with the sharp spikey hair, their hard eye make-up and those pins and chains, but in reality most of them were peaceful people who just wanted to follow their fashion and their music. They looked terrifying but essentially it was just their appearance. However, what came out of that era was the desire to use piercings as a form of self-expression. This is nothing new, essentially, because people have been using tribal piercings for millennia. However, this practice has become a serious trend in the twenty-first century and is in more demand than ever before.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

A barbell is the straight pin which goes through most piercings, such as the eyebrow, the tongue and the ear—especially with the Industrial piercing. A barbell is named as such because it resembles its namesake which you will find in a gym. The large iron rod with two spherical weights on either end is a popular piece of gym equipment used for strength and weight training.

Other items you might recognize, or wonder about, are the ‘C’ shaped barbell which usually fits in the tongue, the nipples or the septum. Normally piercing jewelry is made from metals which are non-allergic. Most people buy gold barbell body jewelry or silver, or stainless steel. The idea of the piercings is to ‘enhance’ one’s own body in the same way that a person gets a tattoo.