What is an eyebrow barbell?

There are many different areas of the body that can be pierced; the eyebrow is one of them. The common eyebrow piercing jewelry that is worn is a barbell. As the name implies, this jewelry got the name from the shape of the barbells that are seen in nay gym. Although the bar on the gym weights is always straight, eyebrow barbells have either straight or curved bars which are threaded either on the outside or on the inside.

Eyebrow piercing jewelry is available in a variety of sizes so that an accurate fit can be accomplished thereby accentuating the different sizes and shapes of people’s faces. When purchasing an eyebrow barbell, the size is measured along the shaft of the piece, from the inside of each ball, this measurement holds true regardless of whether the bar is straight or curved. The diameter of the bar is called the gauge. The gauge is indicated by numbers, with the higher the number, the smaller the diameter. For example, a bar that is 18 gauge is actually smaller in diameter than a 12 gauge bar.

The final measurement that can be made is the ball diameter or the size of the ends even though they may be shapes other than balls. Traditionally, this type of jewelry has a ball on each end of the bar; the balls are simply measured in diameter. If the end pieces are cone shaped which is also a popular style, the size is measured across the base, the widest part of the shape.

Although the size of the jewelry is important, perhaps the threading method is even more so. There are two methods of threading which of course allows the wearer to insert the jewelry and remove it. One threading type is external, this means that the thread is on the bar. The other thread type is internal, this means that the thread is in the ball.

When the eyebrow piercing jewelry is threaded externally, the bar is placed through the eyebrow and the ball is screwed on as it emerges on the other side. Internally threaded jewelry has a smooth bar and when it is inserted into the hole, it emerges and the ball is threaded into the hollow bar. Most wearers prefer the plain bar as there is less problem associated with the bar getting hung up in the hole when inserting it.