What Metals Are Best For Body Piercings?

Piercing your body may not seem that big of a deal, but proper care is needed. The first thing that you need to consider is that the right metal will help with the healing. You may think that the piercer knows the best choice for you to heal quickly, but you want to do your own research before getting your piercing. All metals that are used for body piercing should be biologically inert, which means that they should not cause a reaction to the body.

Gold is the safest choice for body piercings. Gold that is 18K is ideal, as 14K gold may be combined with other, lower grade metals that you may have an allergic reaction to. Make sure that your body jewelry is 18K gold. This will ensure that you will not have those nickel reactions.

Surgical Stainless Steel that is Implant Grade is a good choice, as it is the steel that is often used to replace knees and hips. Surgical Titanium is another choice that you can consider, but it is most predominantly used for short-term. Niobium is not a metal at all, but rather an element, which means that the body readily accepts it. PVD or Aztec Gold is a good choice if you are allergic to all metals. In addition, it is very flexible and will bend during activity.

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